Safety is of utmost importance at Eagle Ridge Physiotherapy


Safety is of utmost importance at Eagle Ridge Physiotherapy

Patient Booking Procedures

A triaging phone script will be provided for administrative and physiotherapy staff. At the time of the initial booking, the patient will be informed our the COVID-19 protocols in place. Virtual TeleRehab will be recommended as an option for patients who feel safer at home, don’t pass COVID-19 screening questions, or have high risk factors for in-person treatment.

Patient Arrival

Patients will be informed by phone and e-mail of the new COVID office procedures prior to arrival and will be required to sign a consent and waiver prior to their appointment. Patients will wait in their car or at the westside entrance door designated for Eagle Ridge Physiotherapy clients. Patients with mobility challenges for stairs will be directed to the front entrance for pre-screening. Patients will use their phone at the exterior door to check-in for their appointment. Patients as well as necessary attendants will be pre-screened by one clinic employee at the appropriate facility door for symptoms of COVID-19. If patients do not meet the screening criteria, they will be denied entry, their treatment will be deferred and will be encouraged to call 811 or visit The patients will be observed using sanitizer prior to donning a mask following BCCDC instructions on provided posters. Patients refusing to complete the COVID-19 screen or wear a mask will be denied in-person treatment and will be re-directed to Tele-Rehab. 


Patient Treatment

Patients will then enter the clinic and stand on a visible floor marker in the waiting room. The therapist or staff member will escort the patient directly to a treatment room following physical distance markings on the floor. Both will be wearing a mask and following physical distancing guidelines. The therapist will practice hand hygiene prior to treatment and gloves if the patient requests their use. Following the treatment, the patient will be escorted out of the treatment room and will wait on the designated marker at the front desk to book their next appointment. Payment will be made by patients on-line using credit card information or by tap at the front desk. All receipts will be e-mailed. At the exit they will re-sanitize their hands and wear their mask until they have left the site. If they have a disposable mask they will sanitize their hands and remove their mask and place it in the garbage cans provided and once again sanitize their hands. Patients will then leave the site promptly. 

Afterwards, treatment rooms will be thoroughly sanitized with approved disinfectants as well as any equipment in the room prior to being brought out. The number of patients treated per hour will be greatly reduced to ensure proper physical distancing and to allow for proper cleaning protocols. 


Infection Control Procedures

A plexiglass barrier will be in place at the front desk, hand sanitizers will be placed in each treatment room, at the sink and at the front desk. Physiotherapists will follow the guidelines provided by Public Health and the College of Physiotherapy regarding Personal Protective Equipment. Education sessions will be provided to all staff regarding cleaning, hand hygiene and the infection control measures in place and be required to sign off following receiving this training. All staff will be required to complete a pre-shift COVID-19 screening health questionnaire and will not attend their shift if they have any positive symptoms. Hard surfaces will be frequently spray and wiped with regulation disinfectant. The clinic front door is equipped with an automatic open button to reduce touch surfaces. All Public Health requirements will be met as any further requirements or training required by the City of Coquitlam.

Facility Washroom Access

Patients will be advised that washroom access is severely limited and plan that there will be no access. For staff use and emergency patient use, the wheelchair washroom will be available. The taps, toilet, and doorknob will be sanitized by clinic staff after each use.